Governance Council

The Governance Council of the Junior League of Boca Raton is comprised of the Chairs and Chair-Elects(CE) of all of our Committees along with the Board of Directors, the Nominating Committee, and the Planning Committee.

Community Issues Council

Community Issues Research CE: Francesca Elmore
Grant Writer Chair: Nancy Griffin

Non-Profit Support Co-Chair: Denise Barker
Non-Profit Support Co-Chair: Melissa Roberts
Non-Profit Support CE: Coleen Jackson
Done in a Day Chair: Mary Beth Tate
Public Affairs Chair: Stefanie Moon
Community Support Fund Chair: Schuyler Thompson
Non-Profit Training Chair: Marianne Levy
Child Welfare Co-Chair: Cristy Stewart-Harfmann
Child Welfare Co-Chair: Meghan Fielder
Child Welfare CE: Liz Gaukroger
Diaper Bank Co-chair: Aimee Gilligan
Self-Esteem Chair: Melody Cobbe
CHOW Co-Chair: Kathy Bradley
CHOW Co-Chair: Melanie Deyo
CHOW CE: Carol Diez
Community Garden Co-Chair: Laura Zaki
Community Garden Co-Chair: Orli Zimmerman
Nutrition Education Chair: Ashley Malnove
Feeding the Community Chair: Mirya Holman

Communications Council

Summer Publications Chair: Gina Greenwald
Publications Chair: Shawn Sherlock
PR Marketing CE: Carolyn North
Technology Chair: Anna McNellen

Finance Council

Flavors of Boca Treasurer: Britney Hodson
WVOY Treasurer: Tiffany Peterson
Small Fundraisers Treasurer: Laura Coleman
Community Treasurer: Shannon Moriarity 

Fund Development Council

Flavors of Boca Co-Chair: Melissa Novak
Flavors of Boca Co-Chair: Alicia Laufer
Flavors of Boca Assistant Chair: Melissa Biggs
WVOY Co-Chair: Yvette Drucker
WVOY Co-Chair: Kirsten Stephenson
WVOY Asst. Chair Operations: Erica Reuter
WVOY Asst. Chair Administration: Laetitia Reino
WVOY Asst. Chair Finance: Sarah Caro
Community Partners Chair: Jamie Sauer
Small Fundraisers Chair: Constantina Mirabile

Personnel Council

Internal PR Co-Chair: Jessica McFarland
Internal PR Co-Chair: Kristin Gallo
Recruiting Chair: Kristen Albanese
Training CE: Cinthya Castellon
Nominating/Placement CE: Meghann Bowman

Committee Members
Megan RaskAllison Lane
Lauren PuleoHeather Eastham
Jessica NorcioJennifer Dardano
Kimberly RosemurgyLaura Kendrall
Jennifer RosemurgyDanielle Hollander
Emmy ThornbroughKristen Coleman
Katharine OsborneStephanie Economos

Transfer Liaison: Pattie Goldenberg
Member-at-Large: Bridget Langford
Nominating/Placement Advisor: Crystal McMillin

Membership Development Co-Chair: Renata de Negri
Membership Development Co-Chair: Victoria Matthews
Membership Development CE: Custodia Olivieri
MD Full Year Committee Members: Patrice Gramberg
Meghan Shea
Marion Godin
Victoria Bradley
Alexis Nasti
Meredith Westheimer

MD Fall Committee Member: Jennifer Rodriguez

MD Spring Committee Member: Tracy Sussman

Planning Council

Bylaws Chair: Kristen Coleman
Legal Advisor: Kristen Coleman
Kellie Mejia. Sara Ritzler, Kristine Kuntz
Mel Montes, Anne Grigsby

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