Governance Council

The Governance Council of the Junior League of Boca Raton is comprised of the Chairs and Chair-Elects(CE) of all of our Committees along with the Board of Directors, the Nominating Committee, and the Planning Committee.

Governance Council

Community Issues Council

Community Issues Research Chair-Elect: Julie Ott
Non-Profit Support Co-Chair: Yvetter Drucker
Non-Profit Support Chair-Elect: Tiffany Peterson
Done in a Day Chair: Kim Sapashe
Done in a Day Chair-Elect: Gina Griffin
Public Affairs Chair: Erica Reuter
Public Affairs Chair-Elect: Stefanie Moon
Grant Writer Chair: Nancy Griffin
Grant Writer Chair-Elect: Jackie Reeves
Child Welfare Co-Chairs: Renata De Negri, Victoria Matthews
Child Welfare Chair-Elect: Coleen Jackson
Non-Profit Partners Chair: Mel Montes
Non-Profit Partners Chair-Elect: Debra Elderkin
CHOW Co-Chairs: Margi Cross, Nicole Martinez
Chow Chair-Elect: Kathy Bradley
Community Garden Chair: Schuyler Thompson
Community Garden Chair-Elect: Laura Zaki

Communications Council

Internet Media Chair: Jennifer Edwards
Publications Chair:  Alicia Laufer
Publications Chair-Elect:  Shawn Sherlock
PR/Marketing Chair-Elect: Holly Meehan
Summer Publications Chair: Tina Towery
Summer Publications Chair-Elect: Gina Greenwald

Finance Council

Flavors of Boca Treasurer:  Marjorie Hollman
WVOY Treasurer:  Diana Carvajal
Small Fundraisers Treasurer:  Laura Coleman 
Community Treasurer: 
Chim Francisco

Fund Development Council

Flavors of Boca Co-Chairs:  Laura Nowadly, Stephanie Economos
Flavors of Boca Chair-Elect:  Custodia Olivieri
Community Partners Chair:  Allison Lane
Community Partners Chair-Elect:  Sarah Doyle
Small Fundraisers Co-Chairs:  Erica Reuter, Jennifer Minton 
Small Fundraisers Chair-Elect:  Constantina Mirabile
Small Fundraisers Cookbook:  Laura Coleman
WVOY Co-Chairs:  Linda Gunn, Jan Kucera
WVOY Asst Chair Ops: 
Melissa Roberts
WVOY Asst Chair Admin:  Kirsten Stephenson
WVOY Asst Chair Finance:  Shelley Mitchell 

Personnel Council

Internal PR Chair:  Heather Eastham
Internal PR Chair-Elect:  Audrey Morris
Membership Dev Co-Chairs: Jennifer Brackett, Monique Shide
Membership Dev Chair-Elect: Jessica Noricio
Membership Dev Committee Members:
Kristen Coleman
Jessica Wulkan
Tracy Sussman
Jennifer Rodriguez
Katherine Regna
Alexis Burden
Kimberly Whelchel
Kate Weissing
Megan Rask
Kirsten Stephenson
Millie Strickroot
Liz Gaukroger

Nominating/Placement Chair-Elect:  Jennifer Gene
Nominating/Placement Committee Members:  
Megan Rask
Brooke Spinelli
Meghann Bowman
Kelli McLeod
Jennifer Rosemurgy
Emmy Thornbrough
Danielle Hollander
Gena Vacha

Kimberly Read
Shannon Moriarity
Lisa Hanes
Cristy Stewart-Harfmann
Liz Grace
Brideget Langford 

Transfer Liaison:
  Patti Goldenberg
Member at Large:  Sara Ritzler
Nominating/Placement Advisor:  Jackie Reeves
Recruiting Chair: Joanna Drowos
Recruiting Chair-Elect:  Barb Sageman
Training Chair-Elect:  Jennifer Shesser

Planning Council

Bylaws Chair/Legal Advisor: Kristen Coleman
Kristine Kuntz
Anne Grigsby
Liz Grace
Carolyn North
Tara Ryan

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