Presidents Note

Let’s Make It Meaningful Together!

There is an African proverb that says, "You are only given the gift of today.  Use this gift." In our busy lives, the way we use the gift of each day must be carefully considered. It is incredibly important to fill each day with the most meaningful of commitments. When I consider the Junior League of Boca Raton, an organization which represents this type of commitment for our nearly 700 members, I am proud of the meaning we make each day. 

When I look out at the Boca Raton community, our infrastructure masks some of the problems that reside alongside us. We are “a City for All Seasons,” yet under that façade our community still needs work. The 40-plus-year history of the Junior League of Boca Raton speaks to this directly. We have recognized those needs in our community and addressed them. In the 1970s and 1980s, we founded and supported the Boca Raton Historical Society and the Boca Raton Children’s Museum. In the 1990s, we helped provide safe, clean and affordable housing combined with social services and support programs for low income farm workers at IN THE PINES, INC. And in the 2000s, we broke ground on and opened the Vegso Community Resource Center, our headquarters and a centralized Resource Center to serve all of the South Palm Beach County non-profit organizations. I am glad that there is an organization like ours making lasting change. We have made meaningful impact, and I am proud of this work. 

However, we cannot rest on our laurels. There is still a lot of work to be done. We have seen the needs in our community as we have worked to select new focus areas for our community impact.

We are proud to announce that the Junior League of Boca Raton will take remarkable strides to address the issue of hunger in our community. Our CHOW (Conquering Hunger Our Way) committee will make a meaningful impact on the issue of hunger in Boca Raton. This will be a multi-year effort that will require strong community partnerships and a well-trained membership. It will also provide countless experiential learning opportunities for our members to become female civic and community leaders of the future. I am confident that this work of building the women leaders of tomorrow while conquering hunger will represent another of our proudest moments.

I invite you to join the Junior League of Boca Raton in making a meaningful difference in our area. I hope you will consider joining our League or supporting our efforts through your time, treasure or talents. I invite you to come and visit our headquarters, the Vegso Community Resource Center, and learn more about the work of the Junior League of Boca Raton.

I am excited for our journey over the next year toward making Boca Raton even better. Let’s make it meaningful together.

In community spirit,

Crystal McMillin
President 2013-2014

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