1971 Society Membership

To purchase a 1971 membership please click here!

We invite JLBR members, friends, and supporters to join the 1971 Society as a new Society member or renewing Society member, for an honorary sponsorship that will further opportunity and growth within our community.

Your support makes it possible for us to improve our community by securing funding needed to execute JLBR projects that greatly impact children, other nonprofits, and the lives of countless women. Your support makes it possible for us to sponsor and celebrate all of the nominees that make a difference in our community with their hard work.

The 1971 Society commemorates the Founding Year of the Junior League of Boca Raton. As an honorary member, your contribution will continue to the improve the lives of women and children throughout our area. You will also contribute to the cumulative support of WVOY nominees through the 1971 Society Sponsorship.

The 1971 Society membership includes the following benefits and recognition:

• Entrance into the 1971 Society private event
• Priority Check-In to WVOY
• Recognition at the WVOY Luncheon
• Your name listed in the WVOY Tribute Program as Presenting Sponsor through the 1971 Society
• Recognition on the JLBR website and social media channels
• For active members, fulfillment of your financial commitment
• Gratitude from JLBR for supporting JLBR’s ability to better our community

Membership to join is $500.
Membership to renew is $350 or you may choose to renew for $500 to better support this great mission.
Membership is non-refundable and does not include entrance to the WVOY Luncheon. Stay tuned for future e-mails containing 1971 Society pre-event details.