Board of Directors 2018 – 2019

President: Renata Sans de Negri
President Elect: Cristy Stewart-Harfmann
 Heather Eastham
Director of Finance: Lindsey Rothrock
Director of Nominating: Kristen Albanese Kurzenberger
Managing Director: Meghan Shea
Board Member at Large: Yvette Drucker
Board Member at Large: Christina Sherry
Sustainer Member at Large: Debbie Abrams
Presidential Administrator: Miriam Martinez

Management Team 2018 – 2019

Managing Director: Meghan Shea
Community Issues Manager: Margi Cross
Membership Manager: Laura Kendrall
Communications Manager: Ashley Cole
Training Manager: Laurie Daniel
Informational Technology Manager: Melissa Roberts
Finance Manager: Michelle Coggiola
Fundraising & Events Manager: Constantina Mirabile
Management Team Administrator: Amanda O’Brien



Media Relations – PR Chair: Caryn Morris
Media Relations – Social Media Chair: Kelly Diehr
Media Relations – Website Chair: Amy Procacci
Media Relations – Email Chair: Reilly Glasser
Publications – Bridge Chair:
Publications – Directory/Impact Report: Leslie Jackson

Community Issues

Public Affairs Chairs: Joanne Nachio & Stephanie Tunis
Done in a Day Chairs: Jackie Coker & Alexis Lannan
Diaper Bank Chairs: Ashley Craig & Laura Scala-Olympio
Self-Esteem Chairs: Jennifer Lubliner & Namrata Patel
Community Garden Chairs: Melanie Bartel & Taylor Karben
Feeding the Community Chairs: Kerri Proctor & Ami Zak
Community Support Fund Chair: Shannon Moriarity

Fundraising & Events

Flavors Chairs: Emelia Fishcher & Karli Vazquez- Mendez
WVOY Chair: Nikki Stelzer
Grant Writer Chairs: Michelle Adams & Bridget Langsford
Small Fundraisers Chair: Alex Cender


Logistics Treasurer: Ann Moody
Donations Treasurer: Dena Hill
Sponsorships Treasurer: Bozena Szalobryt


Membership Development Chairs: Alexis Nasti & Kira Provenzano
Member Training: Susan Hutchings
Non-Profit Training: Rani Hooda


Placement Chair: Jayme Weekly
Recruiting Chair: Christa Siciliano
Engagement Chairs: Gina Gubana & Kristen McElwee
Member Meetings Chair: Chase Papoy

Transfer Liaison: Allison Ford
Member-at-Large: Leslie Excell

Nominating Members:
Jamie Sauer
Jessica Romano
Jennifer LaMont