The leadership of the Junior League of Boca Raton is comprised of the Chairs and Co-Chairs for all committees including community issues, training, fundraising and events and more.

2014 2015 Governance Coucil


Public Affairs Chair: Catrina Sveum
Media Relations – PR Chair: Kiara Provenzano
Media Relations – Social Media Chair: Ashley Cole
Media Relations – Website / Email Chair: Alex Bimonte
Publications – Bridge Chair: Kristen Stephenson
Publications – Directory Co-Chair: Kimberly Sandmaier

Community Issues

Grant Writer Co-Chair: Jackie Reeves
Grant Writer Co-Chair: Nancy Griffin
Done in a Day Chair: Jayme Weekly
Diaper Bank Chair: Traci Wilson
Self-Esteem Chair: Shawn Sherlock
Community Garden Chair Co-Chairs: Traci Wilson & Tiffany McDonnell
Feeding the Community Chair: Christina Sherry

Fundraising & Events

Flavors of Boca Logistics Co-Chair: Meg Fielder & Emily Ghijselinck
WVOY Logistics Chair: Sarah Doyle
Events Promotions Chair: Jessica Osman
Acquisitions Chair: Bozena Szalobryt
Small Fundraisers Chair: Lacey Ross
Member Meeting Logistics Chair: Shaunita Ervin


Community Support Fund Chair: Nikki Stelzer
Logistics Treasurer: Karli Vazquez-Mendez
Community Treasurer: Lindsey Rothrock
Event Promotions Treasurer:
Acquisitions Treasurer: Bozena Szalobryt
Sponsorships Treasurer: Kimberly Reed


Membership Development Co-Chair: Colleen Orbegoso
Membership Development Co-Chair: Gretchen Finkernagel
Member Training: Shelly Mitchell
Non-Profit Training: Karen Krumholtz

Membership Development Members:
Carol Diez (Full Year)
Laura Kendrall (Full Year)
Jessica Price (Full Year)
Melissa Roberts (Full Year)
Stephanie Tunis (Full Year)
Anne Moody (Full Year)
Krista Gentile (Full Year)
Custodia Olivieri (Full Year)
Heather Rask (Spring)

Personnel Council

Placement Chair: Heather Eastham
Recruiting Chair: Laurie Daniel
Retention Chair: Kimberly Jurich

Placement Members:
Kristen Albanese
Andrianna Ames
Denise Barker
Melody Cobbe
Allison Lazarus
Alison Ford
Alison Lane
Kelly Martin
Constantina Mirable
Alexis Nasti
Shana Ostrovitz
Alana St. John
Leslie Excel

Transfer Liason: Laura Kendrall
Member-at-Large: Jennifer Minton

Nominating Members:
Jennifer Rosemurgy
Kristine Kuntz
Megan Rask
Shannon Moriarity