Board of Directors 2022 – 2023

President: Jamie Sauer
President Elect: Meghan Shea
Presidential Administrator: Jenny Brackett
Director of Finance: Holly McNulty
Director of Nominating: Amy Procacci
Executive Vice President: TBD
Board Member at Large: Gina Gubana
Board Member at Large: Paige Gantt
Sustainer Member at Large: Michelle Coggiola

Management Team 2022 – 2023

Executive Vice President: TBD
Community Issues Manager: Stephanie Tunis
Membership Manager: Allison Ford
Communications Manager: Francis Jawhari
Training Manager: Karol Elera
Informational Technology Manager: Melissa Roberts
Finance Manager: Courtney Dadas
Fundraising & Events Manager: Alana St. John
Management Team Administrator: Margi Cross