Leadership 2023-2024

Board of Directors

President: Meghan Shea
President Elect: Nikki Stelzer
Secretary (Employee Oversight): Amanda O’Brien
Sustaining Advisor: Michelle Coggiola
VP of Technology: Melissa Roberts
VP of Nominating/Placement: 
VP of Strategy & Planning: Paige Gantt
VP of Fundraising & Events: Alana St. John
VP of Communications: Christine Mills
VP of Community: Victoria Matthews
VP of Finance: Rhian Warner
VP of Membership: Brooke Kaplan
VP of Training: Alex Welsh


Technology Assistant: 
Placement: Anne Grigsby & Lise Orr
New Project/Impact/Historian: Gwenn Feliciano
Bylaws/Policy Review: Jordan Lombard
Small Fundraisers:
WVOY: Nancy Dockerty
1971 Society: Nikki Stelzer
League Wide Email: Daniele Jean
Social Media & Website: Karen Liu
Done in a Day: Donna Capparelli
Community Garden: Jannette La Sota
Learning Libraries: Shannon Weller & Christa Siciliano
Public Affairs: Amanda Beckert & Ericka Briscoe
Development & Recruiting: Colleen Tuttle & Kristin Martin
Member Training: Rhonda Sciarra
Meeting Logistics: Alex Welsh
Member Engagement: Tracy Kim & Gina Lowy
Treasurer: Neha Sharan