Board of Directors

Board of Directors 2017 – 2018

President: Renata Sans de Negri
Secretary: Heather Eastham
Director of Finance: Nikki Stelzer
Director of Nominating: Pattie Goldenberg
Managing Director: Meghan Shea
Board Member at Large: Yvette Drucker
Board Member at Large: Victoria Matthews
Sustainer Member at Large: Mary Beth Tate
Presidential Administrator: Melody Cobbe

Management Team 2017 – 2018

Managing Director: Meghan Shea
Community Issues Manager: Chim Francisco
Membership Manager: Margi Cross
Communications Manager: Ashley Cole
Training Manager: Laurie Daniel
Informational Technology Manager: Melissa Roberts
Finance Manager: Lindsey Rothrock
Fundraising & Events Manager: Andrea Garcia
Management Team Administrator: Kristen Kurzenberger