Feeding the Community

Nutrition EducationThe issue of hunger affects our community in several ways. Approximately 16% of the households in Florida are food insecure and 20% of our community’s children live in food insecure households.

How We Help:

  • We are improving the access of food to families who are food insecure by partnering with nonprofit organizations like Boca Helping Hands, whose mission is to address the issue of hunger and to break the cycle of dependency.
  • Through these targeted initiatives, it is our goal to improve food security in our community by improving food availability, access and use.
  • Our Nutrition/Education program is designed to educate our community regarding their healthy, affordable food choices while living on a limited budget.
  • We have developed and implemented an after school snack program with the goal of improving students grades by providing a healthy snack during a critical time of day.
  • We continue to develop programs to assist our non-profit community partners affected by the growing problem of food insecurity.

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