Interview with Director of Philanthropy

L Warren HeadshotWe are excited to announce the addition of Lisa Warren as our organization’s Director of Philanthropy!  Lisa will be working with the JLBR as a contractor part-time to assist our volunteers by serving in an advisory capacity as a mentor and resource to our fundraisers – their chairs and committees. Working with our membership, she will be examining strategies in which we can expand our fundraising framework while sustaining and tracking donor relationships from year to year. This is a new position for our organization and we realize that it will likely morph as we continue to evolve to meet the needs of our organization, partners, and community.

The Director of Philanthropy position has been researched and discussed by JLBR Boards over the course of many years. While we agree at this stage that our organization does not need a staff “fundraiser” or “solicitor,” we do realize that a leadership source is necessary to work with our volunteers to strengthen the goals and results they are tasked with producing when leading fundraising efforts on behalf of the JLBR. The JLBR and its members have been raising money successfully for decades – accomplishing many wonderful things for our community and our organization!  We believe this position is necessary to make the biggest impact on our members, partners, and community as we continue to develop ways to meet the needs of our organization.

Get to Know Lisa Warren

Tell me a little about yourself.

As a long-standing member of the JLBR, I have served as a volunteer in a variety of capacities on all councils and as a member of the Board of Directors. In addition, I have also actively served my community through my involvement in other non-profit organizations both personally and professionally.  I am a Sustaining Member of the JLBR and owner and President of Lisa Warren, Inc., a consulting business that assists non-profit and for-profit businesses with fund development, marketing and public relations. Often when working as a volunteer or with clients, I find they most appreciate the strengths I can bring to the table in the areas of community building and strategic planning. I look forward to utilizing those in this new position for the JLBR.

Why did you join JLBR?

I had often heard about the JLBR through friends and co-workers. A shining example of a JLBR volunteer who also shared the good works of our organization was my friend and past JLBR President, Pattie Damron. I joined the JLBR many years ago, when you had to have a JLBR sponsor suggest you for membership. Early on, Pattie believed I would really enjoy the JLBR and that I also had much to offer as a volunteer. She invited me as her guest to a May dinner meeting to learn more about the organization. We walked into the ballroom where I met some of Pattie’s friends, grabbed a glass of wine, and sat with her at a table in the front of the room, marked “RESERVED” with what I learned later that evening was many wonderful and accomplished past JLBR Presidents. Everyone was so lovey, welcoming, and interesting – each with a wonderful story to share as to why it was so great to join the JLBR. Before the keys were in the ignition, I knew I wanted to join this incredible and dynamic group of women – and with my “A” game I might add! I went on to have a fabulous Provisional year, while making an impact on our community and meeting wonderful women I am blessed to call my friends still today.

What is the Director of Philanthropy?

For the JLBR, the Director of Philanthropy position has been established to work with leaders within our organization to examine fundraising methodology as a whole as it impacts the JLBR (immediate and long-term), as well as its members.

Why is this position important for JLBR?

On the surface, the first asset of establishing this position formally for the JLBR is continuity and consistency. It will allow our leaders to be more proactive in their positions that change from year to year, without losing the integrity of historical data and established relationships by JLBR committees and its members.

What goals do you have in this position for the year?

Together with the Board and Management Team, I look forward to developing goals for the JLBR as it relates to how this position can best impact the JLBR. A few areas that already come to mind as a focus would be the overall fundraising strategy for our organization, implementing the use of a formal database that can track, store, and report on donors and their history of support for the JLBR, and a communication strategy specific to donors and supporters of the JLBR so they have the opportunity to hear from us often about how their support helps us achieve our mission.

What is something you would like the members to know about your position?

I look forward to working with our dedicated volunteers as they do the very best for our League and community! I love the energy our League members employ to solve community issues while bringing new and exciting events and programs to our membership! I look forward to being a resource to our team leaders as they work toward achieving the goals of their committee and the mission of the JLBR.